Hello,I'm Sukka /'sʊkɑː/

Front-end Developer / Open Sourceror / Blogger

I am

Core team member of Hexo

Team member of RSSHub

Founder of OpenIPDB

Active contributor of Next.js, htmlnano, and many more.

About Me

I am a self-taught coder who is passionate about open source. I have created 800+ Pull Requests toward 100+ repositories, gained about 2k followers, and earned more than 5k stars on GitHub.

Besides contributing to the open source community, I am also a minimalist obsessed with the idea of speed and lightweight.

Outside of coding, I am a fan of railway, aviation, and mechanical engineering. I also enjoy watching documentaries, animes, and movies, playing sandbox / tower-defense video games, and reading sci-fi novels by Jules Verne.